2009-2013 Chairman European Clean Tech Roundtable

Lobby for the introduction of a Water Efficiency Directive as part of a Blueprint for Water.

The result, an enhanced text on a more efficient use of water in the Blueprint for Water.

Sponsored by Grundfoss

In the Blueprint for Water (2012) no hard agreements have been made to sparingly use the scarce resource that is water in Europe. For example, a lot of clean drinking water – sometimes up to 50% – leaks away into the ground. In the Bulgarian capital Sofia Grundfoss has shown to be able to quickly detect and repair these leaks. Public money was earned back within 18 months. Drop technology in agriculture is already normal in Israel. This often is a very good solution in dry, desertlike areas. A European Water Efficiency Directive will mean that we will take better care of our valuable and scarce clean water and will lead to a reinforcement of the leading position of European companies, also outside of Europe.