There is no such thing as waste

We are moving towards a circular economy in which all waste is a resource for new products. Just like in nature.

The European Commission has announced it will propose a Resource Efficiency and Waste Directive. This offers chances to finally give momentum to the biobased economy. It has already been decided in the Seventh Environmental Action Programme to consider whether Europe should stop depositing usable waste by 2020. A densily populated country such as The Netherlands has already stopped doing this. But it is also necessary to stop burning waste.

There is no such thing as waste. Many resources are at the moment being burned in a very low grade fashion in stead of first extracting high grade materials such as proteins, ingredients for pharmacy and medicines.

Entrepreneurs should also be obliged to manufacture their products in such a way that they are easier to reuse and recycle. We have already arranged this for electronic waste in the WEEE Directive, thanks to an effective lobby by the Scandinavian company Electrolux.