The EU is still a long way from being green

  • 27% renewable energy in 2030 still means that 70% of our energy is generated by burning fossil fuels and by nuclear energy. 50% renewable energy on our old continent is achievable with sun, wind and biomass
  • Nature is being protected by bird and habitat laws. But only 18% of our territory is protected in that way. 82% remains unprotected. The deterioration of biodiversity does not slow down. The European Commission doesn’t dare to propose new laws out of a fear that governments will tone down existing laws.
  • Chemicals. The EU legislation REACH is bureaucratic and slow. Especially dangerous chemicals such as hormone disrupting compounds are only partially covered by REACH. The European Commission is already hiding for 10 years behind disagreement in the scientific world to avoid proposing new measures.
  • Water shortage is a large problem on a global scale which is exacerbated by climate change. Especially Southern Europe is being afflicted by a shortage of water. Efficient use of water by all users (power plants, agriculture, industry and households) is necessary.
  • Circular economy and biobased economy. Nowadays we live in an economy where many resources (originating from fossil sources, especially oil for plastics) are used only once and are then dumped on landfills or disappear in waste incinerators.