About Alexander

Alexander de RooAlexander de Roo (Leiden, 1955)

studied chemistry at the Delft University of Technology and politics at the University of Amsterdam.

40 years of experience in Dutch and European politics. Chairman of the association for the conservation of the Wadden. My political life started in September 1974 when I was a nineteen year old student. The big protest demonstration against nuclear energy in Kalkar (Germany) close to the Dutch border. 25 years later, as a MEP for GroenLinks (Dutch Green Party) and in cooperation with 4 green ministers, I achieved in the Kyoto Protocol wording that nuclear power in another country can not serve as a method of compliance with carbon reduction. The Netherlands can’t build a nuclear power plant in South Africa and subtract this from it’s CO2 goal ….


  • Climate and Energy
  • Nature
  • Chemistry
  • Water
  • Circular economy